To those who manage to be resilient despite hardship.
To those who manage a smile despite sorrow.
To those who love despite heartbreaks.
To those who always show compassion despite suffering.
To those who are brave enough to cry for help.
To those who have the guts to take risk.
To those who keep going despite uncertainty.
To those who know how and when to let go.
To those who hit bottom and get up.
To those who refuse to follow others and choose their own path.
To those who think that they aren’t strong but somehow still soldier on.
To those who aspire to be the change they want to see.
To those who keep their strength and carry on, facing life no matter how harsh, how harmful, how hazardous.
To those who wake up in the morning, unsure of what would happen but still manage to get out of bed and do whatever there is to be done because that’s the choice more sensible than cursing life and giving up.

Congratulations, we are the champions.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash


Published by

Citra Saraswati

I'm a bit into analog photography.

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