Introverted Sunday

As an introvert, I often choose to spend my day-off indoor because this is the way I energize and recharge my introverted battery.

My legs. My beautiful never-shaven farmer legs. #NoMakeUpSelfie

I must tell you that being an introvert is not the same as being an antisocial. We, the introverts, just love the feeling and energy we get from spending time alone. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy time spent with fellow human beings. This also doesn’t imply that what we’re doing when we retreat into our introverted cave is better than going to a party.

Okay! Anyway!

On Sunday, I wake up late, mostly around 10 am. I skip breakfast because it’s for the weak. I get up from bed, do some business in the bathroom and off I go to the kitchen to fix myself a nice cup of lemon tea.

I thank you, Mother Nature, for providing mankind with lemon.

I bring the tea back to bed with me. Once settling in comfortably on the bed, I pull out my smartphone, ready to rummage in and through the Internet, looking for brain candies to munch on.

TV? Nah.

No Value in an Empty Room, an essay by The Minimalists.

But still, nothing compares to printed pages, for they don’t crash and won’t run out of battery, while smartphone is full of distraction.

Excuse the low exposure.

Dad always comes by my room. Most of the time he asks me what I’m doing. On one particular Sunday, he showed me photos of his during his 20s.

Twenty-something Dad (the guy in white long-sleeve shirts) with his trademark mustache and big smile.

When it gets too quiet, I put on some music. And yes, that one says “The Comfort of My Own Company.”

Frau and Mian Tiara, two of my favorite songstresses.

Then I fix another drink.

Iced Nutrisari in the hot Sunday afternoon is perfection.

When I feel like it, I take pictures of random, mundane things, like a nail in the wall.


I also use my day-off to zone out. After all the surfing the Internet, reading and drinking’s done, I will lie on my bed, staring at the ceiling, the wall… or at my feet. I try to be in the moment, to be right here and right now. I try to see things as they are. Finally, I try to let things go and not to worry.

My fit feet.

You see, it’s not laziness or the symptoms of inertia. It’s some sort of cheap vacation, a ME, ME, ME party, so to speak.


All photo taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 x expired Fuji Superia 200. For more photos like these, visit and follow my Instagram.


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Citra Saraswati

I'm a bit into analog photography.

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