Slow Reading Book Club’s second meeting

Last Sunday, at the Slow Reading Book Club meeting, I could only get through a chapter of The Fault in Our Stars book. I’m kinda slow on it because, I don’t know, it’s not John Green at his best (to TFIOS die-hard fans, sorry). It’s not like it’s bad or something for it’s still John-Green-ly funny and witty. But—I don’t know—it’s not as page turner as Looking for Alaska and Will Grayson 2x.

However, the slowness actually comes from my deliberate attempt to decrease my reading speed. Because that’s the whole point of Slow Reading Book Club after all.

Anyway, Sunday, November 2, 2014 will mark SRBC’s second meeting. It’s still at the same place (Kineruku) but at a different time. So, let’s meet around 7.30 PM WIB at Kineruku. Let’s hope that they’re open this time.

Oh, in case you’re wondering what V and I are like, I’m the girl with short helmet/mushroom hair while V is the pretty girl who’s with short helmet/mushroom hair girl. If you’re still confused, try to find two persons sitting together that look like a lesbian couple. That’s probably us.

Alright, we’ll see you there.

PS: Seriously, it’s totally free.


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