This one simple word is my favourite word. It starts any kind of conversation (most of the time).
The reason why I start this blog is because I want to start a conversation. I actually have a blog at Blogspot (lame title, I know) and a microblog at Tumblr, but I want a fresh start. So here I am.

There’s nothing much I want to talk about in this first post, I just hope that I can write here committedly (if that’s not a word, it so is now) like I do with my journal (yes, I keep a diary and call it journal because I don’t wanna sound so girlish).

I also hope that what I share here is valuable to the reader. You see, The Mins–Joshua and  Ryan–put this idea in my brain that whatever you do, you better make sure that it matters and adds value beyond yourself.

And I’m gonna work hard to be just like that myself. Just wish me success. Not luck, but success.

Alright, I’ll see you around.


Published by

Citra Saraswati

I'm a bit into analog photography.

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